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Backorder Policy

Before placing an order for a product that is “Available on Backorder”, it’s important that you understand how we handle these orders. Backorders on Smoke Cargo are an important part of our e-commerce business. When you backorder a product, it means that the item is not currently in stock, but will be delivered to your address when it becomes available.

Backordering allows you to purchase a product that we may not be able to keep in stock all of the time, either because it’s in transit from one of our suppliers or currently unavailable from the manufacturer. Our aim by accepting backorders is to provide you with a more seamless shopping experience.

What Happens When Purchasing a Backordered Product?

1) You will be charged for the product upon checkout.

2) You will receive an automated e-mail alerting you that you’ve purchased a backordered product. The e-mail will outline your available options.

3) You will have the option to cancel & refund any backordered products in the order or wait for the product to become available. Alternatively, you can swap the backordered product for a similar product that is available.

4) If you would like to wait for the product to become available, you will be placed in a queue to receive the product as soon as it becomes available.

5) Orders containing backordered products will be automatically canceled & refunded if the product does not become available within 30 days of the original order date unless you have specified that you wish to wait for it to become available.

What Are Your Options When You Purchase a Backordered Product?

1) If you are okay with waiting, Smoke Cargo will ship the product to you as soon as we have the product available again. We’ll reach out if the product is expected to be on backorder for an extended period of time.

2) If you are okay with swapping these out for similar options that are in stock on Smoke Cargo, there may be different colors, styles, or sizes available and ready to ship immediately.

3) You can be issued store credit or a refund of the backordered item(s) to your original payment method.

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