Bangers are an essential accessory for vaporizing concentrates in dab rigs. They are usually made from borosilicate glass or quartz and can be used to vaporize any type of concentrates such as shatter, wax, and oils. Quartz is the most common material for banger nails because of how durable they are while offering great heat retention properties.

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Learn More About Bangers

Bangers took over both the titanium skillet and dome & nail as the dabbing attachment of choice for concentrate users. They are much easier to use than their predecessors and allow for the consumption of both small and large doses of concentrates…

How Do You Use a Concentrate Banger?

Bangers are used on a dab rig. To use the banger, put it into the dab rig and then gently place concentrate onto the top of the domed head after you’ve heated the banger to an optimal temperature using a torch lighter. When you heat up your banger, the concentrates will melt into liquid form which will continue to vaporize them for inhalation…

What Is The Best Temperature for Dabbing?

The optimal temperature for dabbing is 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow the concentrates to melt down and vaporize properly for inhalation purposes while not burning off any of those precious terpenes…

Higher temperatures will cause harsher hits, so you’ll want to stay within these parameters.

“The easiest way to consume concentrates is by using a banger attachment at low temperatures (below 500°F). This allows for concentrates to be inhaled as they vaporize instead of being consumed.” – Kief Browning

What Are The Benefits of Using a Concentrate Banger?

Bangers are the best way to enjoy concentrates if you’re looking for an even, controllable and flavorful experience with your dabs.

Most quartz bangers come with carb caps which will help prevent any unwanted vapor from escaping during your hit. Carb caps are also ideal for those looking to enjoy more flavorful dabs. If you’re a flavor chaser, then carb caps are the right option for you!

The best bangers for concentrates are made from high-quality quartz and have a nice thick bottom which will help retain heat while dabbing.

Why Use A Concentrate Banger?

Bangers are a much better option than titanium skillets or domes & nails because they’re easier to use, can consume both small doses as well as large ones, don’t require an additional nail attachment, and concentrate doesn’t stick around in your banger indefinitely as it does with other attachments which means no residual taste transfers over into future hits.

What’s The Best Type of Dab Rig To Use With Concentrate Bangers?

The best type of dab rig to use with a banger is one that is sturdy and properly sized to handle the rigors of concentrate. You don’t want a rig that is too large or one that has too much filtration, as concentrates are already filtered of the majority of harsh substances that you would want to filter with a traditional bong and raw flower. The 7″ Clear Recycler Dab Rig is a great example of this type, and its high-quality borosilicate material ensures that there’s no risk for thermal shock breakage when using it with concentrates.

What Size Dab Rig Should I Use With My Bangers?

The size of the rig is dependant on what type of dabbing experience you’re looking for… you don’t want something very large (more than 10″ in height) but it’s also important not to go too small otherwise there won’t be enough surface area contact with the concentrate, so make sure your rig has at least three inches in diameter.