Lighters are an essential for any smoker and we’ve got the selection you need from the brands you love like Clipper & BIC. Enjoy our wide variety of lighter styles for any purpose.

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Clipper Lighters

Clipper lighters are the world-renowned option when it comes to cigarette lighters, boasting features well beyond your traditional BIC lighter, such as a refillable butane, replaceable flint, bowl/cone packing stick, and awesome designs.

Hemp Wick Lighters

Hemp wick lighters are the perfect way to light up without using butane. Made with hemp and beeswax, these natural lighters are a great option for those looking to have a cleaner smoke.

Torch Lighters

Torch lighters are a must have for any smoker or concentrate user. Whether you’re looking for something to use when dabbing or you are trying to light up in a windy environment, torch lighters are the most reliable option.

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