Carb Caps

Carb caps are the name of the circular piece that goes over the top of your nail and acts as a carb for your dab rig. The carb “caps” off some air flow to provide an additional cooling effect, while also lowering vapor pressure to help with evaporation.  Carb caps help trap all the essential vapors produced during dabbing so all you taste is pure flavor with no metallic taste. Without a carb cap on your nail, you lose some of these flavors due to them escaping into the air stream without getting trapped! Carb caps work in conjunction with concentrate bangers and carb cap compatible titanium nails.

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Learn More About Carb Caps

Carb caps are a must-have addition to any banger setup for dab rigs. From simple $5 carb caps to more complex options, there are plenty of options and styles that will instantly transform your dabbing experience without breaking the bank.

Types of Carb Caps

There are two main carb cap designs that you will find carb caps being made in: the traditional carb cap and the directional carb cap. Traditional carb caps are designed to be used at a 90-degree angle from the nail in whichever direction is comfortable for you. This allows you to “point” your carb cap towards your rig, giving off some additional smoke if desired. Directional carb caps allow you to point your carb further away from your rig than is possible with traditional carb caps. Because of this, directional carb caps provide a little more control over the hit.

Honeycomb carb caps are just a different form of carb caps than those mentioned above. These carb caps have holes in them to allow additional airflow below your concentrate. This is helpful for low-temperature dabbing and can also be used when doing one-hitters, which is when you only pull enough material out to fill up the nail for one hit at a time.

Do Carb Caps Matter?

If you’re unfamiliar with carb caps, it might be hard to see why carb caps are so important. After all carb caps just have a carb hole right? Well, carb caps do actually affect more than they seem. The functionality of a dab cap is very similar to traditional carbs found on spoon pipes or water pipes; the primary purpose is to control airflow and limit how many bubbles make their way through your material (and into your lungs). The carb cap helps you deal with concentrates that would otherwise clog up your rig by regulating airflow when dabbing and helping direct heat away from your nail when using a torch lighter.