Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are the best new way to roll up without the unwanted tobacco and nicotine additives found in traditional blunt wraps. Enjoy rolling up and smoking all-natural hemp wraps with your favorite product.

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Flavored Hemp Wraps

Flavored hemp wraps give you all the fun and tastiness that you love with regular flavored blunt wraps, but without the unwanted tobacco and nicotine additives. Enjoy these tasty flavored hemp wraps that are sure to keep you coming back.

Natural Hemp Wraps

All-Natural Toasted Hemp

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps are all-natural, smooth-burning and delicious! Made with toasted hemp, they contain no nicotine and fewer harmful chemicals than traditional tobacco wraps. That means you can roll up more often, knowing you’re doing less harm to your lungs!

Pure. Hemp. Flavor.

Juicy Jay’s Natural Flavored hemp wraps are the best way to let the flavors of your favorite herbal blend shine through. So grab your favorite rolling tray, and experience peak enjoyment with these delicious wraps!

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