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Official Atomizer For Focus V Carta

The Focus V CARTA is the king of portable vaporizers, and The Focus V Everlast Atomizer stands at the heart of the operation. This atomizer improves upon the design of the original Focus V atomizer with so much confidence that it comes backed by a 6 month manufacturer warranty. This is an authentic and authorized replacement atomizer with included titanium bucket, specifically designed for CARTA E-Rig. If your atomizer’s spent and the Focus V atomizer Repair Kit can’t save it, it may be time to upgrade to the Focus V Everlast Atty Titanium Atomizer. 

Durable Titanium Bucket

The Focus V CARTA Everlast Atomizer comes with an included titanium bucket. Titanium is an extremely rugged material that is amazing at holding heat, allowing you to dab for longer without burning through all of your battery power!

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